About Innovation, Hackathon, and Football

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To start this blog, there are important questions that emerge: what are innovation and Hackathon? Can Hackathon be applied in football?

Yeah, innovation has become a common word for us. When we see new and creative things, probably we will think that they are innovation. Rogers, in his Diffusion of Innovation book, mentions that innovation is an idea, process, or object which is perceived as new by a group of individuals. Here, the new things for some people in a certain area might be not new for others in somewhere else. Off course, those new things should be useful for people.

Innovation is often regarded as an expensive thing which can only be produced by big companies or intelligent researchers. Oh no, this is apparently wrong. In fact, we can easily find innovation anywhere around us. Yeah, perhaps the things that we consider as ‘strange’ are actually the innovation. This type of innovation is called frugal or Jugaad innovation. One thing to remember is that innovation is usually a solution for a particular problem.

Fugal/Jugaad Innovation Example: An Indonesian is carrying large stuff by riding a motorcycle.

Next, what is Hackathon? Hackathon is an event in which computer programmers gather and work collaboratively to produce a concept or product in a particular topic within a short period of time. Hackathon typically lasts for one or two days, and a few of them lasts for a week. In Hackathon, a team which produces the best solution usually get a prize and award.

Illustration of a Hackathon Event

Perhaps, it seems ‘strange’ when there is a hackathon with a topic of football (football Hackathon). Surprisingly, football Hackathon has existed and been conducted several times like the ones which took place in Istanbul and were organised by premier league club, Manchester City. Football Hackathon indicates that there is still a space for innovation in football. Finally, football Hackathon event is expected as a place which can produce various useful solutions for football like goal-line technology innovation that has been applied in some top football leagues in the world.

Goal-Line Technology